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Program for storing passwords, credit card and pin numbers, etc
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Guest #39274852

Guest #39274852 I have used your software free for more than 10 years. Why do we need to pay for the update? It's the best on the market.

I will pay in order to keep it but I don't like it.

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Guest #20140684

Guest #20140684 My calls can't get through to India, Indonesia and other countries. How can I solve this problem. smile

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Earl Fantastic work with this one, it`s a great file sharing software.
I recommend it if you want to download faster and easier!

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Guest Hey folks, I have been changing this Product each year for an update
but the problem is they don't differ from each other maybe
needing to be updated online.

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Guest #98035917

Guest #98035917 Original design from Bruce Schneier, now open source development. Great program! Strong encryption and security features, relatively small and portable. I have used this for several years.

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niko because the two tools dont match:passwordsafe and password-safe

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Guest correction: software informer has the *wrong* url


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Joan Hey! The URL that SI has is the correct one. smile If you follow this link you will see that it is another 'Password Safe' developed by Symantec and not yours.

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